Applied Connective Technologies, a Valued Partner of Team Jack

Nov 17, 2023 | Blog

Applied Connective Technologies, led by CEO Ed Knott, has been an active and valued sponsor of the Team Jack Foundation since 2013. The partnership between the Team Jack Foundation and Applied Connective Technologies is one of the Foundation’s longest-standing and most cherished collaborations. Applied Connective Technologies’ unwavering belief in the Foundation’s mission is exemplified by its creativity and passion, which is instilled from the leadership down. In May 2022 and 2023, Applied Connective Technologies organized a fundraiser in collaboration with the Boone Central School District known as “The Big Summer Kickoff.” This event featured a thrilling matball game that pitted Boone Central teachers and staff against each other. Albion businesses and patrons showed their support of the event and the cause through The Big Summer Kickoff. The community has been directly affected by childhood brain cancer as one of their own, Claire Bennett, an elementary student at Boone Central Public Schools, battle brain cancer.


Applied Connective Technologies also participates in the Team Jack Gala, and they have consistently participated in matching sponsorships for the Radiothon. Furthermore, they have generously sponsored prizes for the Foundation’s September contests for the past two years. Applied Connective Technologies distinguishes itself by not being just a business but a dedicated partner with a genuine focus on nurturing relationships and delivering top-notch service. This commitment is evident in their impressive growth and the loyalty of their staff.


Over the past decade, the Team Jack Foundation has built close relationships with many of Applied Connective Technologies’ employees, who consistently go above and beyond their professional roles to support the Foundation’s initiatives. Regardless of the type of fundraiser or contest at hand, the Foundation can always count on enthusiastic participation from the Applied Connective staff. Their dedication to rewriting the futures of children battling brain cancer is both commendable and deeply appreciated.