By collaborating with families impacted by childhood brain cancer and other childhood cancer foundations, Team Jack’s involvement in the pediatric brain cancer fight has started a ripple effect. We spark a worldwide movement to combat childhood brain cancer right now.
We focus on the fight, because childhood brain cancer won’t wait for us. Team Jack’s objective is to fund research at the top research centers in the world—fast.

“The Team Jack Foundation leads the fight for improving treatment options for children with brain cancer.”

—Dr. Mark W. Kieran, M.D., Ph.D.

What We Do

The vast majority of funding for childhood cancer research comes from small, private nonprofit foundations like Team Jack. Through fundraising, advocacy and awareness, we do everything we can to contribute to the essential cause of childhood brain cancer research.

While research of all childhood cancers is extremely underfunded, childhood brain cancer in particular needs immediate attention. Over the past 30 years, brain cancer has overtaken leukemia as the deadliest childhood cancer. That’s not because there have been more cases of childhood brain cancer but because the survival rate of leukemia has increased.

And the survival rate of childhood brain cancer has not increased at all. That is why we continue to fight.