The Team Jack Foundation grew out of the dedicated community of Atkinson, Nebraska rallying around Jack Hoffman—our namesake and childhood brain cancer survivor.

With support from the University of Nebraska, Husker Athletics and people all across the country, our Foundation has expanded our reach and impact to push for a cure for childhood brain cancer.

Today, Team Jack unites and brings hope to families everywhere fighting childhood brain cancer.

Our Mission: Raising money to fund impactful childhood brain cancer research and working to raise national awareness for the disease.

The current survival rate of childhood brain cancer is about 70%—but we fight to get it to 100%.

The best way to increase a child’s chance of survival is investing in more resources for better treatments. Childhood brain cancer is woefully under-researched, and the Team Jack Foundation exists to propel more research by providing funds.

Your donations support research for:

  • Identifying and treating childhood brain cancer genetic mutations.
  • Successful, cancer-fighting medicines proven to be gentler on children’s long-term health.
  • Improved neurosurgical procedures.

Your investment in Team Jack goes directly to research that will change a child’s life. This fight is bigger than any of us and bigger than our Nebraska home. Nationwide, we will fight for a world without childhood brain cancer.