Funding the cure for childhood brain cancer.

Team Jack Foundation has raised millions of dollars for impactful child brain cancer research and works to create national awareness for the disease.

Jack’s Story

Jack Hoffman is the inspiration behind the foundation. After being diagnosed with brain cancer at age five, Jack won the hearts of many with his touchdown run in the 2013 Nebraska spring game.

Yards After Contact


Our Mission Matters

Brain cancer is the

cancer cause of death of children in the United States.

Less than


of the National Cancer Institute’s research investments are spent on childhood cancer.


children are diagnosed with a brain tumor daily.

In the last

years, first-line chemotherapy for child brain cancer has not changed.

Our mission is to raise money to fund impactful pediatric brain cancer research and work to create national awareness for the disease.

Above all, we fight for our heroes.


Get Involved

The only way to defeat childhood brain cancer is as a team. There are so many ways to join the fight—get involved today!

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Host an Event

Third-party fundraisers have made an impact on child brain cancer over the years.

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Become a Sponsor

To us, our sponsors are more than just donors. They become our partners and friends.

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Help fund impactful research, which will lead to better child brain cancer treatment.

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Donate today to help the Team Jack Foundation fund research and fight pediatric brain cancer.


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Current Childhood Brain Cancer Research

Through our donations and sponsors, Team Jack funds groundbreaking research projects to create new and better treatments for children with brain cancer. See the progress we’re making together!

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