September Fundraising Contest

This September, we will hold our second annual fundraising contest! Participants will collect donations using a unique online fundraising link and/or collect donations made by cash or check. Prizes will be awarded for each level reached, but there will be two grand prizes up for grabs as well!

This contest will run from September 1 through September 30, but sign up today and we will keep you informed! Last year’s effort raised nearly $15,000 to fund childhood brain cancer research, and we can’t wait to grow the contest this year to help kids with brain cancer!

Team Jack needs your help in the fight.

Each day in the U.S., 13 kids are diagnosed with brain cancer. Sadly, the first line of treatment hasn’t changed for over 30 years. Many of the kids that survive their diagnosis are left with life-long side effects from the toxic treatments. Research funding is desperately needed so more effective and gentler treatments can be discovered. Team Jack is working to make a difference and is making progress, but we need all hands on deck! We are asking for your help! We have made it simple to ask for donations in person by sharing on social media platforms. Learn more…

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Start Your Fundraiser Today!


Set up an account with Team Jack to get started. This won’t take more than a few minutes.

Create Page

Personalize your unique fundraising page and get your link to share and ask for donations.


Start sharing your link via social media, text, and email, and ask your family, friends, and neighbors.

Raise $50

Raise $50 or more and receive a FREE combo meal from Runza and a Team Jack wristband!

Raise $100

Raise $100 or more and receive a Team Jack drawstring bag, Runza meal, and wristband!

Raise $250

Raise $250 or more and receive a set of Wheelbrightz, drawstring bag,  combo meal, and wristband!

Raise $500

Raise $500 or more and receive all previously earned prizes plus a Team Jack stocking hat!

Raise $750

Raise $750 or more and receive the first four levels of prizes and a Team Jack backpack and Team Jack t-shirt!

Raise $1,000

Raise $1,000 or more and in addition to all the other prizes you’ll receive your choice of wireless Beats headphones or Apple Airpods!

Top Fundraising Prizes

Raise $50 or more and earn #SuperDuperAwesome prizes while helping Team Jack fight childhood brain cancer! The top overall fundraiser wins a $500 VISA gift card! All fundraisers that raise $500 or more will be entered to win their choice of an Apple Watch, Nintendo Switch, or an Oculus. 

Small Town Superstar Fundraisers
Small Town Superstar Fundraisers

Creighton & Cameron

In 2020, two youngsters from Alma, Nebraska, Creighton Lynch and Cameron Waldo, raised nearly $6,000 for childhood brain cancer research by fundraising for Team Jack. Fueled by the fire of competitiveness and wanting to help others, they asked their family, friends, neighbors, and community for help. Take a few minutes and read their inspiring story!



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