A Network for Families Affected by Childhood Brain Cancer

Our mission is to fund a cure for childhood brain cancer. And a huge part of that mission is supporting the families who fight through childhood brain cancer every day. To offer a safe haven and support system for families, we created the Team Jack Family.

The Team Jack Family is a community of families affected by childhood brain cancer that you are welcome to join for support and friendship. Our Family started in Nebraska, and is now growing to include people from all over the country.

“We still lean on our Team Jack Family today. We met a lot of families during treatment and even more as the years go on. Nobody needs to fight alone.”

—Melissa Ostrander, mother of brain tumor survivor, Seth

How to Join the Family

If your child has been diagnosed with brain or central nervous system cancer, we invite you to join the Team Jack Family. Please click the button below to complete our contact form and always feel free to call us at 402-925-2120. As you complete the contact form, any details you are willing to share about your child’s treatment and where they are receiving treatment are welcome. This information will help us get you in touch with families who have similar experiences to share with you.

Family Contact Form

Team Jack Family Facebook Group

The Team Jack Family has a closed Facebook group for families to share stories and ask for help and advice. Additionally, the group helps the Team Jack staff communicate with families regarding upcoming events, research developments and clinical trials. This page can be accessed by clicking the button below or by requesting to join ‘Team Jack Family” on Facebook. Once your request to join has been accepted, feel free to introduce yourself to the group.

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Help Raise Funds

Want to help us raise funds for a cure to childhood brain cancer? We’ll give you the tools you need to plan and execute a fundraiser in your own community. Click below for more info on how to get started.

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