Letter From Mark & Mari Burch: 1973 Corvette Stingray Donors

Dec 28, 2021 | Blog

Dear Team Jack,


Andrew J. Hoffman never settled for less.  He was one of the most passionate people I have ever had the privilege to meet.  Andy is with us in spirit.  The Hoffman family has faced incredible adversity, yet they fight on!  We must carry on in their honor with twice the fight.  TWICE THE FIGHT!!!  What does that mean?  This means we all must work twice as hard to honor Andy’s legacy and to help these children.  We cannot fall short of any of our goals for Team Jack.  We refuse to let that happen.


Last year we were able to put together a really great fundraiser with the Team Jack Trans Am raffle.  It was a great thrill to hand the keys over to Willie Richardson and his wife Kay who were purchasers of the single winning ticket.


The end?  NO WAY!!!


In typical Andy Hoffman style, we need to do something more.  Something better.  Something bolder.  Something bigger.  While we were finishing up the Team Jack Trans Am last fall during Andy’s battle, Mari and I knew that we needed to start looking for our next project.  When we received the news that we lost Andy on March 1st our hearts literally sunk.  While on the lookout for another great project, about that same time God put a shiny red 1973 Corvette in our path.  Better!  Bolder!  Bigger!


Nothing could make us more proud than to donate this car to the Team Jack Foundation for raffle number two.  We are currently in the process of getting this 48-year-old beauty into fabulous mechanical shape so the winner can enjoy driving it to its fullest potential.


Our goal is to sell TWICE as many tickets as the Trans Am.  Willie and Kay proved it only takes one to win!


For those who bought tickets last year, thank you.  For those buying tickets this year, thank you.  Please help us reach our goal of selling 2,500 tickets and raising $250,000 for the Team Jack Foundation.  Together we can do it!


With peace and love,

Mark and Mari Burch


Click here to buy raffle tickets.