We have had so many of our young brain cancer fighters earn their angel wings, and we are always looking for ways to remember them, so their families know they are not forgotten. In the week before Christmas alone – we lost three of our brave heroes.

In the past there have been other viral challenges that have raised millions of dollars for a cause. Imagine what that type of funding could do for childhood brain cancer research. The biggest obstacle to children with brain cancer surviving and thriving is the lack of resources to study the disease. This could make an incredible impact on childhood brain cancer, the leading cancer cause of death in kids. In addition, many experts believe that studies done on childhood brain tumors could translate into other types of cancer, both pediatric and adult.

We are asking our friends to film themselves making a snow angel, sand angel or any type of angel in memory of someone special to them and in memory of our young brain tumor fighters who have lost their battle with brain cancer. We want you to then nominate three friends or family members to also make an angel and make a donation to the Team Jack Foundation within a 24-hour period.

We want to show the world that we will never stop working to fund research to find innovative, effective, gentler treatments for these kids! Team Jack has a group of social media influencers that we have contacted to help increase our chances to go viral. So, are you ready to make your angel, your donation, and challenge a friend?  Your participation is critical to see social feeds full of angels! Use the hashtag #teamjackangelchallenge when you post.

So please make an angel AND make a donation. Then post it on social media using the hashtag #teamjackangelchallenge. Not only did 2020 bring on a global pandemic, but in July, our founder Andy Hoffman, whose son Jack is our namesake, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma. We want to do something big to raise even more awareness for the cause he has worked tirelessly to defeat. Thanks for being part of our dream!